GRATING FEATURES | OFFICINE LOCATI, since 1925 safety gratings

Gratings, since 1925!



Applications of Doga Locati profiled plankings include safety grating flooring in: industrial and chemical plants, work plattforms, catwalks, water and heat treatment facilities, paper or tissue producers, rooftop walkways.

Flat type gratings are appropriate for warehouse,  shelves and mezzanines in shops or offices, when covered with rubber strips or linoleum.

Ribbed type is the ideal grating for all types of bearings: the grip surface makes it non-slippery, and suitable for mezzanine floors and industrial plants.

Debossed holes of the drainage type makes it useful wherever light and airflow need to be admitted or fluids to be drained;

no-Slip type combines the features of the drainage version with the advantage of high grip; it is thus used in many oil and chemical plants or water treatment facilities.


Our gratings, in four interchangeable Types, grant these advantages compared to similar products:

  • Safety: anti-vertigo and no-Slip,
  • Cut to measure, up to mt. 10!
  • Fast delivery,
  • Galvanized steel material,
  • Self alignment between bars, with no need of bolts.