Gratings: technical data and information

Gratings, since 1925!



  • PRODUCT: self load bearing profiled metal plankings for walking surfaces.
  • MATERIAL: 2 mm. thick pre-galvanized (sendzimir) steel.
  • LENGTH: cut to size, maximum length mt. 10 (32.80 ft).
  • WEIGHT PER SQUARE METRE: Flat and Ribbed types approx. 24 Kg. (52.91 lb);
  • WEIGHT PER SQUARE METRE: Drainage/No-Slipapprox. 21 Kg (46.30 lb).
  • CAPACITY LOAD TABLE: see Load Tables page.
  • FIXING CLAMPS: if needed, clamps for fastening two section bars to the structure are available for maximum mm. 14 steel beam “wing” thickness. They are usually arranged alternately on the surface.


Our gratings are manufactured in four, interchangeable, types:

  • Flat, for offices and show rooms,
  • Ribbed, no. 1 for industrial use,
  • No-slip, for slip resistant floors and catwalks,
  • Drainage, where air and liquids need to pass through.
Both no-slip and drainage are anti vertigo, for a safe work area also in suspended catwalks and mezzanines.

Manufacturer of Doga Locati metal grating reserves right to make any variation that may improve its product.